3 Things to Remember When Doing SEO

Search engine optimisation has been widely used 10 years ago and promises to be very useful in the many years to come. It has aided the success of many companies online that make use of SEO to promote their products and services. It has also generated income for many SEO companies that offer optimisation services.
Over the years, many people have also abused the use of Search Engine Optimisation. Thus, Google has regulated its use implementing algorithms that could detect unethical strategies to boost rankings without much effort. There are software systems that have been used to automate submissions of articles and blogs which when done aggressively could spam the Internet. To counter these, Google has recently launched its latest algorithms called Panda and Penguin. They sound cute but they have punished a great number of websites. You don't want that to happen to your sites so it is imperative that you practice white hat SEO and remember these things:
1. Website Structure and Design Affect SEO Efforts - Ever wonder why good SEO companies analyse the structure and design of the website before doing the actual strategies for optimisation? Going straight to optimisation without doing on-site analysis first might put your efforts to waste. Meta tags and keywords found on the website must be aligned with the targeted keywords used for SEO. Splitting contents on the site into two more pages could lead to easier optimisation to boost each page's ranking.
2. Content Will Always Be King - Always remember to write content for people first and foremost and second for search engines. Creating content for people means that you write in correct grammar and understandable language. Writing content for search engines on the other hand means that the content is peppered with the right number of keywords in the right places.
There are write ups that are well circulated on the internet that a single piece of article could solely bring link juice towards the optimised site. These are the types of content that makes the Internet a place for research and good information.
3. Never Automate - There are software applications that could send massive number of links from a single article with just a click of a button. Though this is a very easy way to do things, it is still considered unethical in SEO standards as well as with Google's. The effect of automation is web spamming. Remember that you have your website's address attached to those automated links. When caught by Google, your site will be penalised. Doing things manually at a steady pace is a lot better.
These 3 things when kept in consideration when doing SEO will definitely earn good ranking results. Though it could be minimal, the best thing is your website is in a safe place.

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