Can you find an affordable backup service that schedules backups of your files and data automatically AND allows you to sync the information between computers? Yes! It’s called MyPCBackup and here’s what you need to know before you purchase this service or any online backup service.P.S. If you read through to the end of this article, we’ll share a secret link that allows you to enjoy a 35% discount on your purchase of MyPCBackup.
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Who is Behind MyPCBackup?

If the product looks a bit familiar, it might be because MyPCBackup is owned by the same parent company as JustCloud, Just Develop It!, which is located in the UK. The corporation has a number of brands under their umbrella, all technology-based services such as PC Speed Doctor, Intellichat, Vintage Pig and Grab a Laptop, which just makes sense the founders have a background in technical and online ventures.
Just Develop It
Their philosophy is simple: provide easy-to-use solutions for online applications. MyPCBackup is just one of those solutions for backing up all your important files, data, videos and photos. Although the company website states that Just Develop It! provides a number of services for both personal and business applications, the streamlined features and ease of use of their products make them better suited to limited, personal use.

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How User-friendly is MyPC Backup?

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MyPC Backup: Personal Backup Service at an Affordable Price

Downloading and installing MyPCBackup is a very quick and simple process. All you have to do is input your name, email address and a password, no credit card required, for the free trial version, which lasts 14 days. You are then redirected to a screen automatically customized to your browser. The download takes only seconds before it is ready to start backing up your files. The program automatically locates common folders, such as Documents and Pictures, and begins the backup process based on the most popular parameters. It took only a couple minutes to back up 10MB of files on my computer which isn’t blazingly fast but not particularly slow, either.
What are you looking for as far as cloud storage functionality? MyPCBackup gives you all the important features you need: synching of files between devices (even external drives), online access, file and folder sharing (via email invitation), complete computer restore, compatibility with any operating system (except Linux) and the ability to backup any type of file. The service is fully automated so you can simply set it and forget it.

256-bit AES Encryption & Amazon S3 Datacenter

MyPCBackup transmits your data to cloud storage online using secure HTTPS. Your files are stored in an Amazon S3 datacenter, known for its high security. As standard in the industry, MyPCBackup uses 256-bit AES encryption to ensure the security of your files.
Access to your files is provided by your online account. When you log into your account, you will see a screen that allows you to drag and drop files, access a sync folder and view backup history:
Drag & D Files To Backup

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100% automated backup, 256-bit AES, sync multiple devices
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Schedule Your Backup Automatically or Manually

MyPCBackup is almost identical to JustCloud when it comes to features and functionality. It allows you to specify additional files to add to the backup queue and schedule the process on a daily or manual basis; the advanced schedule option allows you to set a specific day of the week or month for backups. Hourly backups are only an option when you upgrade your account, and it would definitely be worthwhile to do so if you use your computer frequently throughout the day.
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Unlimited File Versioning & 5GB of File Size Limit

Often, there is a need to go back to a previous version of a file, particularly if you accidentally overwrote or deleted a file. MyPCBackup allows unlimited file versioning. All you have to do is access your account online and select a historical backup to find the file.
Often, you will have larger files to upload to your online backup storage account. Videos, in particular, are usually quite big. Although MyPCBackup doesn’t limit the number of files you can back up, it does not allow free account users to upload any files bigger than 5MB unless you upgrade. With the paid account, MyPC Backup supports up to 5GB per file, and you can customize the limit as shown in the screenshot below.
Set Backup File Size Limit
Another choice you have with MyPCBackup is how much of your computer system’s resources you wish to use during a backup. Simply click on the “Power & CPU” tab under “Settings” and move the slider between Heavy (faster backups) to Light (slower backups). You can also indicate if you only want file backup to occur during periods when your computer is not in use.

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The free trial lasts for 14 days and there's no credit card info needed
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MyPC Backup: 3 Upgraded Options Starting from $4.49

There are 3 different types of upgraded accounts to choose from: Home, Premium and Unlimited. The Home account offers 75GB online storage, the Premium 250GB and the Unlimited allows you, well, unlimited storage space. Prices range from $4.49 a month for the Home account if prepaid for two years, up to $9.95 if you choose a monthly plan for the Unlimited account.
20 Percent Discount
As you can see from this screenshot, when you choose to upgrade your free trial account, you will be offered a 20% discount at first. However, we’ll share the way to get 35% off as shown above; just keep on reading.
A nice feature of MyPCBackup accounts is that you can choose to pay month-to-month, for a 6-month period, 1 year or 2 years. The monthly plan is a good choice if you don’t want to commit to a lengthy contract. You will pay more overall, but you will have greater flexibility. For your information, all accounts come with 30 days money back guarantee.
Each account allows backup of only 1 computer. Although you can access the files via your online account from any device, such as a cell phone or tablet, and upload one file at a time from these devices, you can’t back up all their files with a single account. MyPCBackup does offer a Business plan, starting at $19.95 a month, which provides backup service for multiple computers and devices.

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Backup Unlimited Devices, Computer with Biz Plan

Unlimited users, devices, file versioning and many more.
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What I Don’t Like About MyPCBackup

Although it’s a fairly standard practice industry-wide, expect to be inundated with pop-ups during your free trial period. Every time I turn on my computer, I will see a screen such as this one:
Annoying Pop Up
There are also small pop-ups that appear automatically in the far right hand corner of the computer screen every time I refresh the display, reminding me that not all of my files are backed up. It’s annoying, but it goes away once I remove the program or upgrade the account.
By the way you are assigned a “personal account manager” upon signup. His name is Jamie Heathorn, and if you’ve tried the JustCloud backup service, you will recognize his picture – it’s the same “person” (actually more like a meme representative). So, he’s not really your personal account manager, but chances are you won’t need to contact him anyway since MyPCBackup is very simple and easy to use.

Conclusions: Is MyPCBackup a Good Choice for Cloud Storage?


For personal users, MyPCBackup is a fine choice. It does everything you need it to do. While it may not be the fastest (especially the first time you back up all your files), it works nicely to securely store all your files and folders. Here’s a recap of the best features:
  • Good price
  • 100% automated
  • Ability to backup .exe files
  • Sync across devices
  • Access files from any internet connected device
  • Unlimited number of files
  • Unlimited file versions
  • File sharing
  • Easy to use
However, for some users, MyPCBackup might not work as needed, due to these drawbacks:
  • Complete computer restore is very slow
  • Slows your computer down during backups, even if throttled back
  • Maximum file size for automated backups is 1GB
  • Does not support Linux
MyPCBackup is a good, economical choice for the personal user – and even cheaper when you follow this link for a 35% discount!.
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