The best foods to lose weight without dieting

The best foods to lose weight without dieting
Good news: there is only vegetables and fruits in our list!
When we diet food become our worst enemy, and yet, when this ends, we give many binges everything that was forbidden before the end turn to catch the kilos we had lost. That's why for many people dieting is not the best option. If you want to lose weight and achieve your ideal weight , it is best to learn to eat to compensate excesses and to know which foods are more calorie and should be consumed in moderation.

So we made a list of some essential foods that will help you lose weight so natural, without diets. And yes, there are fruits and vegetables, but other foods that will surprise you ... Follow these tips for a healthier lifestyle, eat foods that we offer and see how the notes.

1. Fruit

Would you like a drink in the afternoon or midmorning? Choose a good piece of fruit! Even bananas, which generally are not very well seen by people who diet have a level of energy below 1 kcal / g and therefore are very suitable for weight loss.

particularly low in calories are berries, peaches and apples. However, with avocados you should be careful. It is the only fruit, along with olives, with fats and therefore have more calories. The nuts also should take in moderation. They contain a lot of sugar, ie, calories ... Here you have a few ideas that do should include in your day.

2. Eggs

The egg is a food rich in vitamin B12 , which controls metabolism and protein. In addition it helps burn fat in your body , especially in the abdomen, and nourishes your muscles. Therefore, you should not hesitate to include it in your daily life . eye! E l fried egg is worth,because it is prepared with lots of oil. Try taking egg whites, boiled egg served with vegetables or omelets. You'd satisfied! In this line, we recommend taking a look at those ingredients that have very few calories and serve as a perfect complement to your day. Here are 50 foods with less than 50 calories ...

3. Vegetables

If there is a food group that can eat without hesitation during a diet, that is the vegetable. All kinds of vegetables have very few calories and, in turn, are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Restructure your meals a little and eat vegetables to satiate. If the vegetables for you were only together with potatoes, the lining of a good piece of meat, from now doubles the amount and save on meat and potatoes. After lunch you will be equally satisfied, but will have reduced significantly the amount of calories.

4. Chicken or turkey

Chicken or turkey are a good choice if you like to eat a piece of meat occasionally but want to take care of the figure. The flesh of both birds is low in fat , if you remove the skin and kitchens in a nonstick pan with a little oil. Another alternative for them with little oil is grilled. You can do it at home with a small electric grill!

The duck and goose should only be consumed in small quantities and not very often. They contain much more fat than chicken or turkey.That's why we include the latter in our ideas for healthy dinners . And is that as important as what you eat is when you eat, so also notes these ideas ...

5. Potatoes

Potatoes, like pasta, have a bad reputation for fattening. But that's not true. 100 grams contains only 70 calories and, instead, have many nutrients and easily sated.

As many minerals are directly under the skin, most often prepared unpeeled potatoes. Roasted cream cheese with herbs are delicious, and like both children and adults. And with few calories!

6. Natural Yogurt

Natural yogurt is a perfect food for a diet, because it contains a lot of calcium and protein but low in calories. In addition, you can enjoy it in different ways. Alone, or adding a little honey or jam. Fresh fruit yogurt also accompanies great. And with some herbs and spices it becomes a rich dipping sauce for bread or potatoes.

7. Lean fish

Many species of fish are best to eat when you're dieting because they have fewer calories. The only exceptions are fatty marine fish such as eel, herring, salmon, mackerel and tuna. The fish breading is very rich, but the bread sucks almost all the oil from the pan.It is better and has fewer calories, if you fry of "natural" low - fat, or fry it and then gets to broil in the oven with herbs and a little parmesan cheese.

8. Tofu

Do not you want any meat? Try a dish with tofu ! This Asian specialty soy is low in fat and calories and very versatile food. As best known is marinated in soy sauce, curry and cayenne pepper, and roast. Add Asian vegetables with rice and you have a delicious dish low in fat. To put in salads are looking tofu with almonds or basil. Also try these other foods that will help you burn fat quickly. They are delicious and eating them, sure to give you a boost when it comes to getting in shape.

9. Salads

"If you want to lose weight, eat before eating a salad." It's a very typical diet advice. But also it is true! Lettuce itself contains very few calories, no fat and fills your stomach if you take it as a starter. Pay attention to dressing . The sauces high in fat turn any salad into a calorie bomb. Dressings are much better with a base of yogurt or just with a little oil and vinegar. If you choose the famous caesar salads with cheese or sauce, try to eat as little as possible of those ingredients! The best option certainly is mixed salad from the garden or arugula.

10. Asparagus

If you want to lose weight, a highly recommended food is asparagus. This product is a good natural diuretic which owns large properties: enhances metabolism and helps fight colon irritable. It is also a food of calories "negative", because to digest burn over which provides the body. Therefore, the asparagus are a good option for weight loss and it is advisable to take them at dinner.

Extra trick: the blessed water

Drink, drink and drink some more, but what is the best option? Ideally, not only during a diet, it is to take calorie - free as water or unsweetened tea drinks. Try to drink at least two liters of water a day. By the way, the old trick of drinking a glass of water before eating to fill your stomach ... it really works! So you know, it is possible to lose weight without dieting, the key is to look a little more your diet and this is as balanced as possible.

How to make Verified PayPal Account in Pakistan?

I know you are frustrated because PayPal doesn’t offer its services in Pakistan. This is a big hurdle for us in receiving online payments and paying for services that only supports PayPal. Despite the fact that the online community has struggled a lot and filed many petitions to persuade somehow them opening their payment gateway for us, but all in vain. It seems quite unfair that 190 countries around the globe are being entertained with PayPal’s quality services while a few like Pakistan are deprived of it. Above all, we should also blame the negative minds who have disgraced the fame of Pakistan, and for this reason not only PayPal but many other services have closed their gates for Pakistan. But, there is a solution!

The Good News!
Like all other Pakistanis, I had also gone through the tough times without PayPal. However, after many struggles I managed to find an Alternative to verify PayPal in Pakistan. I can now proudly say that I live in Pakistan and own a verified PayPal account. Today, I’m going to share with you an easy step-by-step guide that can help you in verifying your own PayPal.
Is it legal?
Yes! The method I’m going to share with you IS NOT ILLEGAL. We’ll be using third-party services to help us in verifying a PayPal account.
Things We’ll Be Needing
  • USA Bank Account, Credit or Debit Card. Don’t worry I’ll be explaining how to get a legal one FREE.
  • USA Address. We’ll also manage to overcome this hurdle.
  • A patience of few days.

Ordering a Payoneer MasterCard

First off all we need a Payoneer Master Card.

What is Payoneer?

It is an online payment solution just like PayPal where you can receive or send payments. Payoneer is a registered MasterCard Merchant Service Provider and is Partners with USA Bank to deliver its quality services across the globe. Check this fair Payoneer review to learn more about Payoneer.
PayoneerWhen you sign up for Payoneer, you’ll get a REAL MASTERCARD shipped for free to your address. You can swipe it in any ATM of the world. In Pakistan Standard Chartered Bank, Allied Bank and MCB supports Payoneer MasterCard.

How to Apply for a FREE Payoneer MasterCard?

The most important step in getting a verified PayPal is to order a Free Payoneer MasterCard. First of all you need to submit an application to order your card.
1) Click Here Get a Payoneer Card for Free Now. You’ll see a window as shown in the picture below.
Sign-up Payoneer

2) Next Click on the Sign up Button.
3) In the new window, you’ll see a signup form. Fill in with your original Details. You first and last name must be identical to the one on your Government Issued CNIC. Also enter your valid email address (This will be your username). We prefer you to create one on Gmail. Finally give your real Date of Birth as mentioned on your CNIC. Please, not that you must be at least 18 Years of Age to apply for a personal Payoneer MasterCard. Alternatively you can order in the name of your Parents of elder siblings.
Once filled, click NEXT!
Sign up form4) On the next page, select Pakistan from the drop down menu. Then enter a street address, City and Postal Code as it appears on the CNIC. Finally give a valid Mobile or Landline number. Once filled, hit NEXT.
Sign up next5) Here you’ll be entering your password and security question. It’s better to write it on paper and store that piece of paper in a secure place. Moreover, choose an easy password that is memorable. Once done, Hit NEXT.
Payoneer Sign up Next6) Finally, you have to select the type of Identity you’ll be providing. Prefer you CNIC. Next, enter the CNIC number without any spaces or dashed carefully.
Final step Payoneer7) Scroll Down a bit on the same page and accept all terms and agreements as in the picture below and hit Order.
scroll payoneerWithin a few minutes, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Payoneer as in the image below.
app receivedOnce their support team has verified your application and details you’ll receive a welcome email from Payoneer that would be as:
welcome emailHURRAY! We have done the most important step in getting a verified PayPal account in Pakistan. Now you can login to your account from>My Account. Enter your email address as a username and the password you gave while signing up.

When Will You Get Your MasterCard?

It is the responsibility of Payoneer to ship your card to the address given. Normally, the card is shipped within 10-15 days and sometimes within a week. It depends on your location.
letter received

open letter and get cardSteps Once You’ve received your Card

Activating your Master Card

1) Login to your account.
2) Click on Activate Card.
3) Enter Username and Password Again.
4) Type the 16 digit card number.
5) Choose a four-digit PIN.
6) Click Submit.

Submitting Questionnaire, CNIC Scanned Images and Getting a Free USA Bank Account

1) Login to your Payoneer Account
2) On the top menu bar under the Receive Menu option click US PAYMENT SERVICE.
US Payment service3) Scroll down a bit, you can see your personal USA “FIRST CENTURY BANK” account number and Routing Number. We’ll use it later in verifying PayPal.
questionnaireBelow your bank account number, you’ll see an option to submit Questionnaire and CNIC Scanned images. Click on Questionnaire and next page just write 2-5 lines telling them why you are using Payoneer. You can write that you have to receive payment from Freelancing sites, etc.
Now to submit your documents, click on Submit, choose the type of identity and upload the front and back of your CNIC. Finally hit submit.
We are finally done with Payoneer MasterCard. Now all we need to do is head towards PayPal and verify it using Payoneer.

Signing up for PayPal and verifying it Using Payoneer

At last we are here! Head over to and hit the Sign up Button.
paypal home pageSelect “Personal Account and click Continue.”
paypal personalNow enter the same email that you used on Payoneer, and choose a random Password and hit continue.
paypal email and passOn the next page, you have to enter the first and last name. It must be the same as it appears on your Payoneer MasterCard. In the street address, enter the same street address the one you gave on Payoneer. For City type “New York”, for State “NY” and Zip Code “10001”. You may enter any city of United States but can also use the above one. For the mobile number, type in the seven digit number that you gave on Payoneer. So, if you mobile number is 03**-4567896, then you have to type only 4567896. Just remove the first four digits and type the remaining seven digits. Agree Terms and conditions and click Create Account.
paypal addressNow enter your 16 Digit Payoneer Card number, expiration month, date and 3 digit CVV/CSS that is on the back of your card. Click Link Card!
paypal link cardYou have to skip this form because we don’t need it.
paypal no thanks buttonOK! Now we have successfully created a PayPal account but it’s still not verified. Click on the “Account” button in the top right corner.
paypal accountNext confirm your PayPal account by clicking on “Confirm Email” as shown below. You may be asked to set a security question. Just select a random and memorize it.
paypal confirm emailNow comes the interesting Part. Click on “Link a Bank” as shown in the picture below.
paypal link bankOn the next window click, “I Have a Different Bank”.
paypal different bankHere choose bank type “Checking”. We’ll need a routing number and Bank account number. Login to your Payoneer Account!
linking payoneer bankClick on Receive Payment>US Payment Service and scroll down and copy paste the routing number and account number.
questionnaire 2Once done you have to click Agree and Link!
After 1-2 days, PayPal will send two small transactions in your Payoneer card. You’ll receive an email containing that amount as shown below.
Head over to your PayPal account and click, “Confirm Bank”. Enter the two amounts you received and hit Confirm.
HURRAAYYY! Now you have successfully verified your very own PayPal account in Pakistan. The only thing left is mobile number verification. This won’t be a problem, but for your safety you can buy a virtual USA Number and verify PayPal, or take help of a friend of family member in The USA to get you one.


  • Do not login again and again in your PayPal else it may get Limited.
  • Don’t use different proxies to login.
  • Always send payment to a verified PayPal.
  • Enjoy!
Disclaimer: The Method discussed above is 100% working. However, in case of any limitations or loss the author is not responsible. We have given you exact steps and precautions. Negligence would result in limitations on your PayPal.

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How To Get A Verified PAYPAL Account With Payoneer UK payments services

Go through the link otherwise your approval chance is 10%

Only Payoneer UK payments services and UK Bank Account

Finally, I got my verified PayPal account in Bangladesh (Unsupported country) via Payoneer Debit Card Service.
Due to unavailability of this great service in Bangladesh, it is very difficult to do online business or earning through internet. PayPal is the best industry for online money transaction and many sites accepts only  PayPal. So people in Bangladesh, especially students face many problems for doing online jobs. 

What is PayPal?

PayPal is a global e-commerce business, which allow you to accepts or transfer money online through the Internet. As it is an Industry Standard, most Companies, Advertisers and freelancers are comfortable with PayPal and give it priority over other services.

What is Verified and Unverified PayPal account?verified-paypal-account, florida+lotto+cash+3, global, global+cash, global+cash+card, global+cash+card+login, globalcashcard,, johnny, johnny+cash, johnny+cash+museum, jonny+cash, loteria+de+la+florida, my+paypal+account,, payapl, payp,

When people from unsupported countries apply for PayPal account with any other country’s name, they would be able to create account but this account would be ‘Unverified’.
Unverified PayPal accounts have some these are Restricted to 500$ amount of  transaction per month

What is Payoneer Debit Card and US Payment service:

Payoneer is a great service that allows you to use prepaid MasterCard (Debit Card) which can easily accepted worldwide.
Payoneer also provide US Payment Service which allows their card holders to get a portion of their US Bank Account. Basically, to get the PayPal account and get it verified, you require a US bank account. As you don't have that obviously, you would get that via Payoneer US Payment Service. It is actually like a virtual account.


The story of $25:

If you use our affiliate link to Signup, You will get $25 referal reward!
Infact you and me both get this reward. 
They Said,
Once your referral receives at least $100 inpayments to their account, you will both earn $25.
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How to get a verified PayPal account?

There are two simple methods for creating a verified PayPal account.

First Method: If you have any relative or friend living in Supported PayPal country, you can ask them to create a PayPal account for you. This is the easiest method but this method is not suited on those who don’t have any relative or friend in Supported PayPal country.

Second Method: If you want to create your PayPal account by yourself, you just have to follow these simple and easy steps.

1- Apply For PayPal account:

  • Go to and create an account. Select United States as your country.
  • Enter your name and all necessary fields.
  • For US Address and phone Number Fake Name Generator is best or otherwise you can enter any valid US address and Phone Number.
Remember: Enter all original data (name, email etc). O
After completing the signup process you can login to your PayPal account. You can notice that in the status bar it mentions that the account is 'Unverified'.
Once you would complete the entire process, this would turn up to 'verified'.

2- Apply for Payoneer Debit Card:
  • Go to Payoneer website and click on Sign Up.

  • Follow the simple steps and complete the signup process for the Payoneer card.
  • You will then receive a verification email and about the shipping of card. The Card is free and will be shipped at your home address for free within 25 to 40 days.

3- Apply for US payment Service:
  • You will receive another email asking if you want to apply for US Payment Service.
  • The email will require you to reply with some verification and answer some easy questions.
  • After that, Payoneer will review the information and you will be approved for
    the US Payment Service within 2-3 days. Almost everyone gets accepted for US Payment Service.
  • When your US Payment service got approved, you will receive an email from Payoneer containing information about a Virtual Account, including Routing Number and Account number.
Note: Do give the right information while filling up the Payoneer form. Specially the card holder name. Make sure that it is same as on your National ID card.

4- Enter US Bank (US Payment Service) details In PayPal:

  • Login to your PayPal Unverified account.
  • For verification you have two options either through Bank Account or Credit Card. Select the Bank Account option.
  • Enter the bank account details you received from Payoneer into the PayPal verification form.
  • Then, it will take 1-2 business days for PayPal to send 2 amounts to your payoneer account

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  • When you receive the amounts, it will shown in your Payoneer account history.
  • You will see 2 transactions from PayPal Verification Department there. Enter these 2 amounts in the PayPal verification form and click submit.

Congratulations! Now You have a verified PayPal account.
If you still have any confusion or you have any suggestion about this post or blog feel free to comment below. Don’t forget to share this post !


Get more on buzz

How To Be An SEO Content Writer

How To Be An SEO Content Writer

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best online strategies and skill that you can learn and employ to get better page ranking in search engines for your site. However, there are some things that you just need help with, such as the type of content you should write about in your page in order to get good, relevant content for users.

Creating content relevant to your site for SEO requires a different set of skills, and demands you to perform a few tasks other than just simply writing and posting articles. Here are a couple of things that you should learn if you intend to become an SEO content writer.

Learn the SEO process

The first thing that you should learn if you want to become a SEO content writer is how the entire SEO process works in order to be able to create articles that have relevant content to what users are looking for, as well as create articles that will help funnel and direct market to the site or page that you are working on.

Search engines focuses on text and not images, so the written content of your page will receive the most amount of checking and analysis from search engine crawlers, and if deemed passable, will then get indexed in their database. This is why you need to make sure that your content is relevant and good in order to get a good chance of getting better results with search engines.

Use keywords properly

SEO content writers should learn how to use keywords and phrases in getting their content across to the different users searching for those that are relevant to their search. Keywords play a vital role in any SEO content since this will help determine whether your created article for that particular keyword or phrase has any relevance to what users are searching for.

You need to be able to take into account the keywords or phrases that users will be using in search engines to find the relevant content that they are looking for so that you can incorporate it into the articles that you will be creating and posting on your site or page. You need to know where to place these keywords or phrases in the article, such as in the title tags and body of the articles, in order to help search engines find your content so it can get indexed in their database.

Aside from this, as a SEO content writer, you should try to avoid overusing keywords wherein you try to flood your articles with the keyword or phrase associated with it. This can only lead search engines to believe that the content that you are creating as spam.

Write quality content

The quality of your articles will also play a major and important role on how your site or page will do in the entire SEO process. Keep in mind that if you cannot offer users relevant content to their searches, they will most likely find it somewhere else, and all of your work in getting them to your site would have been in vain.

Being a SEO content writer limits you to certain rules when writing your articles. In order to avoid certain mistakes and errors, you need to follow certain guidelines that will help improve your site’s page ranking in search engines. One example of this is the use of keywords in your articles. The excessive use of such will result in getting your content tagged as spam.

You also need to not only write quality and relevant content for users, but you must also offer fresh and new content from time to time in order to be able to offer more content for your users. This can actually also help get your site recommended by other sites, thereby improving your chances of getting more traffic directed to your site.

Also, your articles should be original and engrossing for the user at the same time. Writing an article that users have read on some other site will not get you good points from them.

Research is key

In order for you to be able to write technically about a particular topic in a way that it can actually generate good SEO results, you need to learn how to do research on them. This will help you create content that is relevant and informative for users.

Debunking Organic SEO Myths

Debunking Organic SEO Myths

Search engine optimization or SEO has been used widely across the internet as individuals and companies try to create and establish the right image and reputation that will entice their target market. If you want to gain long term stability in the industry, you have to understand which methods are working and which ones are just wasting your time and money. Debunk organic SEO myths and improve the way you attract your target clients.

Initial Myths

Some people say that you should submit your URLs to search engine first. This used to be true, but now, submitting these do not really lead to increased search engine rankings. Some individuals also require you to get a Google Sitemap. If your web site was created the right way or is crawler-friendly, you do not need to do such. The sitemap can be an added bonus, but you can also indulge in other tools online to help you rank better.

Another requirement which is now considered insignificant in getting better page rankings includes updating the web site frequently. Updating the web site a lot can boost the crawl rate of search engines, but your rankings will not change. If your web site provides sufficient information and is easy to navigate for human users, you do not have to keep changing it with the hopes of getting better search engine rankings.

Getting Ads and Affiliates

It is a moth that PPC ads can either hurt or improve your search engine ranking. A lot of users actually believe that running Google AdWords can affect the organic rankings or cause their standing to go down or up. PPC ads and getting more affiliates can help you stay visible to your target market through other web sites, but the approach does not immediately lead to better page results.

Banning Myths

It is a myth that your web site can be banned if you buy a lot of links. Search engines do not find anything wrong with buying advertising on web sites. Another myth involves having your web site banned for ignoring the guidelines of the search engines. Guidelines actually provide you with helpful tips on how to rank better on search engines, but you have to be careful not to use the methods that they truly despise. If you go for black hat SEO techniques, you may be penalized. Banning of sites requires a lot of negative feedback that may involve several actions during different times.

On Words and Limitations

It is a myth that words in the meta keyword tag have to be incorporated on the same page. It is true that you can improve visibility of your site by using the right meta tags and keywords in the title, but you should not try to overstuff the page with the keywords. Invest in secondary and tertiary terms instead to stay visible.

There are also no rules on which number of words is optimal for better search engine ranking. Some say that SEO copies have to be at least 250 words long. It is good to use just enough words in your content to provide sufficient information. A marketing copy that can be optimized for 3 to 5 keyphrases or keywords is ideal. Go straight to the point in your articles and pass on the message of your company with each one.

Comparing the Black and White Hat in SEOs

Comparing the Black and White Hat in SEOs

Since there are so many methods available in search engine optimization or SEO, webmasters have categorized these as either white hat SEO or black hat SEO. Certain SEO tactics are not accepted by certain popular search engines, but some individuals still use these to hopefully get the traffic they need. You have to know about the controversies surrounding the approaches and determine whether you should go with either one.

Describing Both

White hat SEO is the term used to describe methods that follow the guidelines and stipulations of search engines. Black hat SEO is the term used to describe approaches that are disapproved by search engines. There is an ongoing battle between individuals who use white hat and black hat SEO. Black hat SEO may not be what you can immediately consider as negative ethically. SERPs may be manipulated by black hat practitioners, but they also say that the approaches are highly acceptable with the sole intent of boosting site rankings.

Black hatters also say that there is no good or bad in trying to achieve the same goal of making their site relevant and ranked high. The benefits can extend to the users as they seek for the most useful information. Some big search engines do allow a number of web sites to function opposite to the stated rules.

Accepted Methods

Cloaking is one of the allowed black hat methods that a lot of webmasters use. A cloaking policy may be enforced by big search engines, but still needs updating to fully become consistent. The cloaking method is accepted by the search engines, since it does improve user searches instead of provide them with just any kind of result. Cloaking cannot immediately be referred to as a negative influence, considering that it aids searchers in getting the information and web sites that they need.

Following the Rules

There are a number of methods that you should avoid if you want to rank high and get on search engines' good side. Invisible text should be avoided. Do not place light yellow or white text against a white background. Engines can detect these and will only put you in more trouble. Avoid keyword stuffing. In the past, overstuffing articles and site content with the same keyword may help improve ranking, but search engines are smarter now and can determine if your content is natural or no longer of good quality.

What to Avoid

An automated robot visits every page in the index. The content is acquired to be analyzed at a later time. Cloaking involves giving the automated robot a different page, while assigning a completely new one to human users. Search engines greatly detest this practice. You should also stay away from doorway pages. Doorway pages are described as trying to create a page to rank high on search engines, but truly having no real good content. Orphaned pages may also be considered as doorway pages by search engines. The site or page can incur penalties by having these.

Stay away from spamming. Spam is described as useless pages having no content and is just created to rank high on search engines. You initially think that you have good and sound content upon clicking on a page, only to discover several listings and ads to other sites. This is highly related to doorway pages and should be avoided.

Common Mistakes in SEO

Common Mistakes in SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a complicated process, especially if you are not very familiar, or well-versed, with the method. A lot of SEO beginners, and even some professionals, continue to commit the same mistakes when they do try to use SEO, thereby making it harder for them to get the results that they desire for their site’s page ranking.

Fortunately for you, by simply determining what mistakes they make and avoiding them, you can actually fair off better than those people who commit them, even if you are an SEO beginner. If you are already well-versed with the SEO process, then learning these mistakes won’t hurt your chances either, but rather, help improve them.

Wrong or irrelevant keywords

A lot of people try to use popular or common keywords in order to get people to their sites, regardless if the keywords that they use have any relevance to their site or not. You may be able to generate traffic using this type of method, but since you are not offering relevant content based on your keyword, people visiting your site will just end up leaving simply because you are not offering any content that they are looking for. You are actually getting traffic of market that isn’t even interested in your site or its content, so you just end up with nothing.

Avoid doing this method, instead try to focus on using genuine relevant keywords, so you can direct traffic of possible clients to your site, and not just useless web traffic.

Overuse of keywords

Another mistake that people do when they try to optimize their site is by over-using keywords, or using them repeatedly in the title, tags and body. They believe that by overloading their site’s content with their chosen keywords, they will be able to trick search engines, and improve their site’s page ranking in the process.

Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case. Search engines will be able to detect if you are committing the over-use of keywords, or “spamming”, and if so, your site will pay the ultimate price by getting itself banned from the search engine’s index.

Good or relevant content missing

You may believe that even if you do not offer any good or relevant content in your site that your site itself is still good enough to get and keep the traffic that you are able to produce, but this, however, is not the case, as good and relevant content is what will get people, or your possible clients, to stay to your site.

People are driven to go to your site with the keywords that you have chosen, but it is your site’s content that they will be looking for, so make sure that whatever keywords you have chosen to use, those keywords will direct them to relevant web content in your site.  Do take the time to write good and relevant content in order to ensure that your site would continue to do well against others offering the same thing. Remember that the only way that you can get your site to stand out against other sites would be your site’s content.

Wrong HTML codes = HTML errors

If your site commits a lot of HTML errors when people try to access it, even if it has very good and relevant content, chances are people will visit your site a whole lot less. So before you submit your site to search engine directories, you need to check and double-check your HTML codes to avoid any problems with your site, such as slow loading time, browser conflicts, and low page ranking.

Too much graphics

Bear in mind that search engines detect texts when indexing, analyzing and checking sites, and are not programmed to look for graphics, so creating a graphics-rich site will not give it an edge over other sites in terms of SEO, but can actually have the opposite effect. Since search engines are not programmed to look for graphics, they may bypass your site, giving it a lower page ranking.

Learn to avoid these SEO mistakes, and you should be able to do a whole lot better than others.

Avoiding the Risks of SEO

Avoiding the Risks of SEO

Even though SEOs have been considered as very cost-effective and useful tools for online marketing, it is important that you understand the risks and potential drawbacks. You can help your business run more efficiently by staying prepared for the possible consequences. You can also determine which approaches will work best for your target customers, thereby giving them quality service and unique content each time. Here are some proven tips.

The Risk Level

You first have to determine your current risk level to know what more you can do to protect your business completely. First of all, you have to gauge your level of expertise and experience in using SEOs. The more experience you have, the less problems you may encounter since you may already have gone through and solved a number of common pitfalls and problems. Consider the types of SEOs that you have used in the past, then check which ones can still work for your current industry.

Black Versus White

Black hat SEO users are putting themselves at risk for losing credibility and even getting penalized or banned. Some web sites and webmasters have been banned by search engines because of the abuse or misuse of certain techniques. There are plenty of black hatters who still believe that overstuffing keywords and using irrelevant content that boosts visibility can work for them in the long term. You are only waiting for search engine crawlers to find the site and render it useless.

White hat SEOs are very ideal since these promise you long term visibility and a good reputation. Your target customers can better relate to you if you follow the guidelines and rules given by search engines to boost rankings. It will take some time before you score high on search results pages, but the wait and experience will be worth the wait.

Some of the Common Risks

Reward is not proportionate to the workload given. A single click may be enough for some web sites to instantly land on the first page of search engine results. The hard work of other webmasters who practice ethical methods can be trampled by unapproved techniques like spamming, content aggregating, scraping and plagiarism. Manipulating an algorithm may temporarily catapult your site into the front page, but you can face greater consequences once your actions are discovered.

Boosting Your Experience

Although several black hat approaches can offer you visibility instantly, the results are only temporary. People cannot refer to you or your company as reliable if you resort to unapproved techniques in trying to get their attention. You can boost your reputation and experience by following the right guidelines and patiently waiting for the right traffic to start flowing into your web site. Over time, you will find that your client base expands continually as long as you maintain good content and quality service.

Try to write good and informative articles yourself. Visit online discussion boards and listen to what other online experts have to say. Check out other ethical methods used by top web sites and learn over time how you can also become a master in your chosen industry. You can start learning more about keywords and meta tags to improve your visibility. Review how search engine crawlers work and what items and elements are needed in your site to make it easier for them to find you.

How to cut, copy, and paste the full URL in Chrome for Android

Chrome's Omnibox favors style over function. Here's how you can see a site's full web address and copy and paste it elsewhere.


Some time ago Chrome opted to hide the full URL when you’re on a domain’s subpage. It certainly looks prettier, but sometimes you want to see the full details or copy and paste the address elsewhere. 

Here’s what you need to do: touch once in the Omnibox at the top of Chrome (where you type URLs or search terms). This will display and highlight the entire URL. Then, touch and hold to bring up options to cut, copy, or share.

Touching Share will bring up Android’s Share Intent. You can then send that link to any of the other apps on your device.

We’re not sure if this is by design, or if the translate feature is in some type of holding pattern. Google has a fairly rapid development pace with Chrome, so pay attention to updates to see what else pops up here.

How to restore WhatsApp messages on a new phone: Copy your WhatsApp chat history to your new phone

When you buy a new mobile phone it's quite likely that your WhatsApp conversations won't automatically appear once you install the app. Fear not, for we're here to show you how to get your WhatsApp chat history when you get a new phone
How to restore WhatsApp messages on a new phone - How-To - itunerbd

WhatsApp is a tremendously useful way to keep in touch with people all over the world, pretty much for free. There is a rather large problem that users can encounter though, and that is when moving onto a new iPhone 6S or Android smartphone their conversations don’t come with them. This is due to the way that the app stores content locally rather than on web servers. If you still have your old phone to hand, and haven’t switched from Android to iOS or vice versa, then it’s still possible to salvage those old chats and move them safely to a new home.  In this guide we’ll take you through the short process of copying and restoring your digital missives.
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Restoring WhatsApp messages on an iPhone

There are a few different ways to keep your conversations on your iPhone, but the easiest is by using iCloud backup. To do this you’ll need to take your old handset and go to WhatsApp Settings>Chats>Chat Backup and then tap Backup Now.

On your new handset, reinstall WhatsApp, confirm your phone number (which has to be the same as the one used on your old phone) and you will be prompted to restore your chat history. Agree to this and your backup should be installed, replete with your conversations. It’s also worth going back to the settings and enabling the Auto Backup feature now, so you’ll be good to go when you upgrade to your next iPhone in a couple of years time.

Restoring WhatsApp messages on an Android phone using an SD card

If you’re fortunate to have an Android phone with an SD card, then the process for transferring your chat history is reasonably straightforward. Open the app then tap the Menu icon then go to Settings>Chats and calls > Backup Chats. This will now create a backup on your SD card, which you can then swap into your new handset. 

Reinstall WhatsApp on your replacement device (with the SD card inserted) and the app should spot your backup and automatically restore the chat history.

Restoring WhatsApp messages on an Android phone using a PC

Those phones without an SD card (and there are increasingly more of them now) can still move their chat history, but it will need a PC to make it happen. Attach the USB charging cord to the phone and then plug the other end into your PC. Windows should automatically install any drivers you need, and then you can find the phone in the This PC section of File Explorer. Now look through the phone storage until you find the WhatsApp folder, then copy it onto your PC hard drive. Eject the phone, then connect your new handset and move the WhatsApp folder onto its internal storage. Eject the phone, reinstall WhatsApp, and when you confirm your number the backup should be recognised and you can restore it. With this done you should now have all your past conversations on your new Android phone.

Restoring WhatsApp messages on an Android Phone using Google Drive

In the same way that the iPhone uses iCloud, Android devices will hopefully soon be able to use Google Drive for automatic backups. We've already see builds of WhatsApp that have this feature enabled, but the latest version of the one available on the Google Play Store doesn't yet option available. Hopefully it will appear very soon, and once it does we will update this tutorial to include what should be an excellent addition.  

How to Unlock Android Phone If You Forgot the Password or Pattern Lock

It’s always a good idea to use a lock screen to protect your phone from unwanted access. Android has several options available for preventing others from accessing your device, including pattern, PIN, and password, etc. But what happen if you’re the one who can’t access your phone? Well, here I’ll show you how to regain access to your Android smartphone or tablet when you forget your PIN, password, or pattern lock.

How to Bypass Screen Lock

  1. Incorrectly enter your pattern for 5 times. On the fifth attempt, you will get a message informing you that you must wait for 30 seconds before you can try again. Tap ‘Next’ and a button will appear underneath the pattern grid that says ‘Forgot Pattern’. Tap on it.
  2. how to unlock android phone pic1
  3. Next, you’ll get an option to choose whether you want to unlock your phone through answering the security question that you might have set when you used your device for the very first time, or by entering your Google login details.
  4. how to unlock android phone pic2
  5. If you are using the security question, then simply type the answer of the question and unlock your device quickly. Otherwise check the Google account option and click ‘Next’. Now, provide your Google account username and password attached with your device and click on ‘Sign in’.
  6. how to unlock Android phone 3
  7. Once your security question answer or your Google ID is verified, you will be given an option to choose your new security lock, such as PIN code, pattern and password. Select the security option that you prefer and enter your new password or pattern.
  8. how to unlock Android phone 4
  9. That’s it! Now you will be able to use your new security lock to unlock your phone.
In addition to pattern lock, this method also work with the PIN and password lock screen security. As long as you know, your Google account credentials it’s not really a big deal if your forget. However, if you don’t know your Google account credentials, then you should do a factory reset in order to unlock your Android phone or tablet.

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